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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. of Florida is the Bright Spot of The Industry

John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. stated during a recent podcast that compliance in any industry is really up to each company. The bar has to be publically set at a high level, and then a company must be accountable to meet that challenge.


That ethic speaks to the track record that has made Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. a leader in the document sourcing and verification industry. The company is currently the largest processor of documents, titles, liens, and abstracts in the world. It enjoys a 99.8 percent accuracy record which is extraordinary, to say the least, when the volume of paperwork it processes is considered.


Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Nationwide was established in 1991 and currently employs over 450 dedicated and very competent employees. The company is a good place to work because few people leave once they are hired and are established in their area. Only the best are selected for the workforce, and the probability of advancement is good,


Training of employees and the intelligent use of technology are two of the big keys to the success of the company. Without very sophisticated technology it would be impossible to find and categorize the huge volumes of data that has to be processed. Nationwide has access to every county in the United States as far as gaining access to necessary records. There are even counties that are still filing records by hand in paper file folders, so electronic records are not always available. Some records become damaged, lost or destroyed, and there are ways to access those records.


When employees are hired, they go through a rigorous period of training before they actually “go live” on the job. Then there is a very broad base of additional training that is voluntary. This extra training can help an employee advance in the company, and with over 100 extra training courses there is a lot that can be covered.


Employee satisfaction and emphasis upon competency are two strong factors that help the company to achieve at the levels in which it has. In four of the past five years, the Tampa Bay Times has noted that an independent agency shows that employees have touted Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. as being included in the top 100 places to work.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is truly a leader in the field of document processing and verification. The emphasis on high standards and performance has paid off handsomely and is a great example of how excellence and attention to details pay off.


Hussain Sajwani and the Growth of Damac Properties

Damac Properties is generally affiliated with incredible marketing performances, golf course projects and glitzy developments made in association with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani is the UAE executive chairperson, CEO and founder of the Damac Group and lives in Dubai. The Damac Group was instituted in 1992, as a specialist catering company. Its headquarters are in Dubai, and it also has offices in North Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Far East, CIS States and the Subcontinent. Hussain is put under a different light by a plaque that was planted by the United States for the food service provided to the United States Army for Desert Storm. This was referenced by the Sajwani’s company during the Iraq war in 1991.


Damac still provides services in the food industry. It is in this respect that Sajwani remembers the expertness that he first acquired in the business and the power to civilize friendships of grandness on an international foundation. As Damac takes on the advantage of the UAE property prices, which are recovering, their adept skills are leveraged more often. Sajwani is having a thought of putting up shares with the Stock Exchange in London. He has many options to weigh considering the size and structure of the company.

In the 1980’s, Sajwani embarked in the food business, where he was responsible for providing catering services to workers in Abu Dhabi. Even with contractual obligations with the US Army, the margins were too small as the food business was not large enough. He always wanted to acquire billions and not millions. Hussain Sajwani noticed that real estate was booming in Dubai by 2002 and realized that was the future. Damac started building developments that were key and top in line. The company used the sales as the headstone to having a good working business model.


Hussain Sajwani earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Washington. This was followed by a short period as a contract manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, he established his own business and named it Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC), LLC, which later became Damac Group. He has shareholder interests in Al Jazeera Services, Global Logistics Services, and Taiba Kuwait Holding Company. Sajwani is a profound philanthropist who believes in offering both monetary support and guidance to just causes.

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Brian Torchin, President Of HCRC And Leader In The Medical Field

Brian Torchin’s Career

Brian Torchin is the President of HCRC Staffing, which has been in business for 18 years. He received his education at the New York Chiropractic College. Before founding HCRC, Torchin opened and managed numerous medical offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida.

It is a headhunting company that works with employers in the medical field from chiropractic to nursing. The agency is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to maximize effective and speedy hiring. HCRC is national as well as international, extending their services to Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia. Their main mission is to enhance the hiring process for hospitals, doctors’ offices and other medical companies.

Advantages of Utilizing a Service Like HCRC

HCRC does not stop at hiring chiropractors, physicians or nurses. They also assist in hiring front desk receptionists, office managers, billing managers and credentialing. In this way, their clients do not have to be faced with using multiple agencies. HCRC also gives the candidates the initial phone interviews and schedules interviews.

HCRC makes itself very easy for employers to do. All they have to do is go to the “contact” link in black letters on the top right of the page, click on “employers” and then fill out the form. Job seekers can do the same thing and upload their resumes directly onto the form.

With HCRC, medical job seekers can apply for multiple positions in one outlet instead of having to use multiple agencies or do numerous internet searches such as with

Brian Torchin’s Role in the Community

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin’s greatest accomplishment is definitely the founding of HCRC Staffing. He did so after having years of experience opening and running various medical offices across three states.

Wellness revealed to us that in Brian Torchin’s leadership, employers in the medical field no longer need to use multiple agencies or job platforms to hire new workers. Torchin has also worked to ensure that the hiring process goes as smoothly as possible for medical employers. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

As the medical field will continue to be a much-needed one in the world, Torchin’s leadership is likely to be the next step in the evolution of the way that the medical field hires new workers.

Building a Home With Construcap

Building a home is a complicated process that many people need help with. If you are wanting to build a home in the coming years, Construcap is the perfect company to work with. Construcap has a track record of supporting customers in a variety of areas. Not only that, but they are ready to invest in their customers. With all of the growth in Brazil, this is a great company to work with.


One of the most complicated parts of buying or building a home is financing on With the growth in Brazil, interest rates are starting to increase again. Locking in a low rate today can save thousands of dollars in the future. This is something that Construcap helps all of its customers with. It has an entire staff of people who can help you get qualified for a home loan. If you want to take your home to a new level, do not hesitate to work with them today.

Next Steps

With the economic growth in Brazil, the housing market on is as competitive as ever. Now is the time to take action in order to drive growth in this area. Construcap is a great company to work with for a number of reasons. Not only do they have great customer service on YouTube, but they also have a strong portfolio of homes that you can choose from. If you are interested in buying or building a home, the choice is clear with Construcap.

Doe Deere: Entrepreneurship And Beauty

While a lot of people tend to try to adopt the mantra of not judging by what is on the outside, these same people can’t lie that beauty is what inspires. For one thing, beauty can encourage people in ways that other things can’t. However, true beauty is not what is on the outside. Beauty actually comes from the inside. Often times, outer beauty can be an indication of what is on the inside. For instance, people are not beautiful based on what traits are given to them. They are instead beautiful according to what they have achieved.


Doe Deere herself believes that beauty is what feels good at the moment. In other words, true beauty is felt. Therefore, she is encouraging people to go after what feels good as opposed to trying to achieve a look that is mainstream and approved. One of the most important things to realize about beauty is that it is realized by the individual. Once and individual realizes her own beauty, then she is going to find herself living a more magical and miraculous life. Therefore, she will find herself at a level of self worth that she did not even believe was possible.


Doe Deere is willing to help with this journey. Her method of helping involves her company Lime Crime which she has started as an eBay account. It has grown in many ways to become its own business. Therefore, she has been able to not only create and sell high quality make up, but has also been able to inspire people to put together their own look that they are satisfied with. One thing that she has shown people is that a successful business is going to help people in many different ways. Among these ways is helping them feel good about themselves.


Doe Deere has worked with creativity and passion. At the same time, she has been careful to not force something. This is one of the reasons that Lime Crime is something that many people enjoy above other makeup companies. When Lime Crime comes up with something, it is definitely new. It is also inspired with the purpose of bringing out the beauty of each individual. It also allows people to be creative with the type of make up they use. They could put together any kind of look of any type of color. This will inspire people to find some kind of artistic way of expressing themselves.

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Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur And Caring Philanthrpist

Dallas, Texas-based venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks is the perfect example of what people can accomplish through hard work and having a clear vision of what is possible. Sparks was a C student in high school and few predicted a bright future for him.

Yet Sparks has become a millionaire by harnessing his resources and identifying and taking advantage of business opportunities in a wide range of industries. But he is not satisfied that he is doing well, for decades he has used his wealth, resources and expertise to help budding entrepreneurs and suffering people.

The details of Marc Sparks rise from an average student with very limited resources to a very successful entrepreneur and philanthropist is presented in his book ‘They Can’t Eat You’. In the book he outlines his ups and downs ad the challenges he faced.

He also talks about the strategies he used to find success. The book is an excellent inspirational and motivation resource that can help many people overcome tough circumstances, find their footing and build a lucrative career. Marc Sparks is the ultimate ‘everyman’ and his book should be a ‘must read’ for anyone facing long odds.

Since graduating from high school in Austin, Texas in 1975, he’s been involved in starting over 60 companies. Although not all of them have been successful, overall Sparks’ 34 year entrepreneurial career has been an unqualified success and he has earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet he still remains humble and is always looking for ways to help others.

Since the late 1980s he’s help run a homeless shelter in Texas called the Samaritan Inn where they provide counseling, health programs, family services and job placement. He’s also worked with Habitat for Humanity, the American Can! Academy and his own “Sparky’s Kids” foundation to help at-risk youth and families get out of poverty.

When people look at Marc Sparks they can’t help but be impressed by the wide array of lucrative companies he has founded. They include several telecommunications companies, a software company, an insurance holding company and his latest venture a financial services company called Timber Creek Capital.

Sparks says one key to success has been using his passion and excitement to build companies from scratch that meet the needs of consumers and strives to make them happy. This is a major coup for a man who remembers surviving on groceries he bought with his gas card.

Marc Sparks says the reason for his success is his faith, passion, focus, tenacity and sense of urgency and his commitment to treat people with honesty and respect. He says his worldwide travels also give him inspiration and ideas which he is able to monetize.

Securus connects families for Christmas, everyone’s season’s a little brighter

Inmate communications leader Securus Technologies has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of its video visitation system. Rolled out in 2006, video visitation has been rapidly spreading to prisons across the country. However some inmates and families aren’t aware of just how much their lives can be changed by this revolutionary addition to the available modes of inmate communication.


Take a look at this touching video. It’s a great example of a man being reunited with his son and other family members for Christmas, almost as if he were right there next to the tree. The sad reality is that without video visitation this encounter simply would not have been possible. What’s more, prior to the widespread deployment of video visitation, hundreds of thousands of prisoners just like the man in the video would have spent the holiday season without so much as talking to their loved ones. Video visitation makes the season a little brighter for everyone involved. But perhaps no one benefits more than prisoners at risk of losing their final vestiges of hope.



Prisons run safer when prisoners haven’t lost hope


Any corrections officer will tell you that prisoners who have a sense of life purpose, of a dogged determination to get through their time in prison so they can get on with their lives and achieve their goals, are the single best asset a prison can have. Contrarily, prisoners who see themselves as having nothing to lose can quickly become a lethal threat to all those around them. In terms of raw statistics, once a prisoner becomes a serial violator of prison rules, they have joined an unfortunate category of those whose lives are doomed to be spent within the walls of a solitary confinement cell.


It’s a great paradox of the correctional system that those inmates who begin causing problems among the general population must be removed once they prove to be a threat to the order of the institution. However it’s well known that once such an inmate is placed in administrative segregation their life outcomes plummet. Often, these inmates lose their capacity to function in society and find themselves spending the remainder of their lives behind bars, in part because of the punishment for past transgressions.


Keeping inmates in constant touch with family and friends can instill enough hope in enough instances that many inmates can be spared from the brutal downward spiral that the administrative segregation gauntlet so often imposes. In this real sense, video visitation can contribute to saving lives.



OSI & Modern Day Food Solutions

Many of your favorite foods that line the grocery store shelves doesn’t really come from separate sources/companies. Though there are a few that does, but the majority of your chicken, beef, and poultry comes from the exact same source and is then labelled with the retail/company name.

Have you ever heard of OSI Group? More than likely you haven’t, but OSI is one of the leading food providers in the world. In other words OSI is a high powered food supply management chain that processes and distributes food worldwide. This company is top notch as well as being one of the largest privately held companies in the nation.

OSI Group specializes in food sources with over 20,000 employees within 65 facilities over a span of 17 countries. OSI Group has been in business for over a century and has provided the highest of quality food that are safe to eat anytime of the year. Got an idea for a specific or prototype food solution? OSI specializes in the production of custom foods as well.

Whether it’s seafood, beef, chicken, poultry, pizza, veggies, and fruits; this is the go-to brand of choice. OSI Group also has some of the best processing of foods worldwide that can give your business tasty foods like meatballs, roasted pork, ribettes, cooked/raw sausage patties, meatloaf, and salisbury steak. Your business/company no longer has to suffer with just the basics and if you have a specific idea, OSI Group can deliver some of the best next-generation food solutions straight to your door.

Whatever a retailer needs is within reach from the dedicated team. Having such a huge global network of manufacturer facilities, food is easily processed and shipped to each and every retailer on time, everytime.

OSI has acquired one of the top food suppliers in the U.K. Flagship Europe is to the U.K what OSI Group is to the U.S. Two of the leading food suppliers in the world have merged. Flagship Europe is known for it’s high quality food solutions and with this union in place, this allows for more access to areas have never used either of the two services.

This is the very definition of progressive development at it’s finest. This is the 21st Century and OSI Group is leading the charge by raising the bar, setting new trends, and changing the current status quo for the better.

Improving Williamson County’s Transport Infrastructure

Experts gave solutions on traffic during the Williamson County Growth Summit. This is the biggest issue in the Williamson County. The summit came as an opportunity to talk about challenges in transportation and the needs of the suburban communities in the region. The panelists included Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kosper, Jared Ficklin, and Leandre Johns. The event was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. They also talked about how technology has been changing transportation face in Austin and around the world.


Mike Heiligenstein said that the transportation infrastructure could be radically transformed by new technologies like ride-sharing applications and driverless vehicles. He added that the region of Austin needs to focus on expanding its transportation capacity through the construction of smarter and more roads. Mike said that it was the only method of tackling the mobility demand of a fast growing population where the majority of the growth is in the suburbs. Mike commented Williamson for their excellent work of structuring its infrastructure in the last 15 years. Heiligenstein added that there was a need to build more roads since more people would come in to use them. He urged them to expand those capabilities. He added that the remaining corridors should be made more efficient, smarter, and more advanced technically.


Ficklin emphasized that the land-use and construction codes should remain flexible to prepare for the transportation needs in future. He added that all of that would be required when there are autonomous vehicles. Ficklin talked about the issues of parking garages and roads. Ficklin said that the future parking lot would be 5 feet tall only. This is an inch taller than a car. He stated that it would have many levels whereby there would be a charging station on one of the levels and another level would have a service center.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Director of CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority). Mike has an illustrious career in infrastructure development in central Texas. Mike has been able to represent citizens in the rapidly growing Central Texas having been elected as an official in Williamson County. He has assisted in lead efforts to expand transportation infrastructure, wastewater, and water. He served as the County Official for 23 years.


CTRMA was founded in 2002. It is a government agency that is independent. It is mandated to design a regional transportation network that is modern for Central Texas. The Mobility Authority became operational when Mike was appointed by the board to become its head in 2003.

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Why Cotemar Will Continue To Rule The Oil And Gas World

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in offshore construction, specialized ships, offshore maintenance, maritime services and petroleum services. One thing you can’t take away from this world famous company is experience. Cotemar has been in operation for about 4 decades.

Cotemar also specializes in modernizing of their clients’ offshore rigs and other processing centers. Their vessels transport nourishment, lightweight materials and personnel. All their vessels have been known to conform with the highest standards, so safety of life and properties is guaranteed.

Cotemar was established in 1979, this implies that the company has been providing quality service for the past 37 years. This is a rare feat to achieve on They also provide accommodation and catering services for the workers in their vessels and oil rigs.

Cotemar’s vision is to sustain the company by venturing into new business segments within the oil and gas industry on a global level. To also increase their participation in the production processes on with the use of contemporary vessels combined with creative, innovative, safe and technology driven methods.

According to their philosophy, Cotemar will continue to contribute its quota to the offshore oil and gas industry for the unending production of hydrocarbons while following efficient and safe procedures with the aid of highly professional and dedicated team of employees and highly sophisticated equipment.

To fulfill their sustainability obligations, Cotemar engages on the following:

• Communicates the guidelines that promotes transparency and other company values

• Promotes family integration and community development by providing regular sport activities, education, medical facilities, industrial safety and equity programs.

• Creates jobs for the communities and promotes culture by supporting several key institutions and important social programs.

• Raises awareness about the importance and the necessary activities to preserve the environment and ecology

The secret of the success of this company lies in their four institutional values and each of them has been outlined below.


They match their words with actions by acting in a honest, consistent and ethical manner within and outside their organization. Their actions symbolize integrity.


They remain reliable by ensuring they consistently achieve the expected business results. They ensure that their customers’ needs are always met at all time.


Despite being at the top of the industry, they encourage continuous learning as no sector is static. Their humility has made them open to new ideas with a positive attitude borne out of respect and great team work.


They continuously engage in research at to discover better, faster, shorter and more cost effective ways of achieving their business objectives and also keep customers satisfied.