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The Success Academy Has Found New Ways To Help Children Learn

Eva Moskowitz founded the Success Academy because the proficiency requirements for the kids in New York were so low. The students living in the poorest neighborhoods that became involved with the Success Academy have outperformed the students from the richest suburbs. If they were just one school they would be in the top one percent of the schools in the state.

There are now 32 schools in the Success Academy network and they serve 9,000 students. There are thirteen additional schools scheduled to open in the next two years. There is no other charter school network that has achieved such amazing results and grown so quickly. This is being accomplished with the use of a laser focus on the subjects that are taught and the way they are taught. 

An excellent example is the program designed for kindergarten children by the Success Academy. Instead of playing with blocks made of wood they have a blocks curriculum. The kids work in little groups and make an architectural sketch. Then they construct a project from this sketch. They are provided with a large array of books to help them with their endeavor.

The Success Academy provides two projects based on learning for every grade. Students are given six weeks to read, learn and write about a specific subject. The fourth graders were given the American Revolution. In middle school a class covering literature was added. The students were given seven texts to read and an emphasis was placed on writing skills. As the students move up in grade they are required to write longer pieces and given feedback.

The Success Academy gives kids engaging books to read. They expose the kids to diverse cultures, different backgrounds in economics and important information. The Success Academy devotes their projects to the success of the students. The kids are becoming more proficient in English, math and science. Their scores have been nothing short of stellar. Lessons are planned with goals in mind and the activities teach the Success Academy students how to develop. learn and master new concepts. The curriculum of the programs are working and the results are better educated students.

WEN By Chaz Delivers Glossy Hair With Movement Every Single Wash

Are you tired of the endless cycle of separate shampoo bottles, conditioning bottles, deep conditioning bottles, etc.?

You are certainly not alone because the routine takes up precious minutes and often doesn’t yield impressive results.

That’s the old-fashioned way of hair care, but times have changed, and thanks to Wen hair By Chaz, shampooing and conditioning is modern and a one-bottle affair.

L.A. stylist Chaz Dean developed the unique no lather shampoo a number of years ago. Some consider him the father of the no-poo shampoo movement and with good reason. He has revolutionized the way the world cleanses and nourishes the hair.

WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners add movement, shine and strength to hair of all types. In addition, the products are healthy for hair and sulfate-free, made with effective botanical extracts.

Bustle writer Emily McClure was intrigued by WEN’s longtime reputation and the Hollywood connection. So she tested the QVC advertised brand for seven days on her limp, dull medium-length tresses.

Emily discovered that WEN is a rich formula that really adds amazing body to the hair. She washed her locks with it every morning and then blow-dried her hair. Emily loved what WEN created for her, hair that looked glossy, felt soft and had great movement. Even her close friends noticed that Emily had “new hair.”

As long as she used WEN in the shower every morning, followed by blow-drying and styling with her favorite tools, Emily’s hair looked a-list.

If she washed with WEN at night before bedtime, Emily claims the product didn’t hold up as well the next day. If she skipped a wash altogether, then Emily felt her hair begin to droop.

Other than those minor issues, Emily would reach again for WEN By Chaz if she had the extra time to spend on her mane.

The Great Alexandre Gama

Founder, CEO, and CCO of advertising giant Neogama, Alexandre Gama is a legend among those in the advertising industry. He gained the bulk of his advertising education at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he earned a degree. From there, he worked his to the top of the industry and is proud of the fact that he started out at the bottom as a copywriter as he feels it gives him the most thorough knowledge of the industry. This is because he has experienced nearly all facets of what the job requires.

When it comes to advertising executives, Gama is second to none.

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UKV PLC Valuable Finest Wines

French wine in a deep subject so UKV PLC has a guide to better understand this complex nature of wine production. UKV PLC breaks down this process, to start off get acquainted with the French appellation system. The appellation system is how French wine are labeled by region of origin. Each place is defined by government regulated classification system, used to define grapes for the appellation. The highest classification is d’origine controlee. The French will argue that the wine produced is as important as the grapes region. The four French regions; Burgundy, Bordeaun, Champagne and Loire.

Burgundy grapes are complex, earthy red grapes called Pinot. Burgundy white grapes are Chardonnay. With a demand high prices Burgundy has a legendary reputation. From the northeastern France region produces a bubbly wine, Champagne. Champagne is made by a double fementation process due to the colder climate its from. Located along the Loire River a diverse region are Loire, a light bodied white grape.

France produces 8 billion bottles of wine per year. UKV PLC is a supplier who knows how much wine lovers get a professional feel. UKV PLC has expert consultants who are experience and have a deep understanding of wine. UKV PLC is an independent company and is not connected to a limited supply chain. UKV PLC has access to valuable fine wines.

UKV PLC has a dedicated team to helps you select the appropriate wine. UKV PLC has the world’s luxury fine wine and investing. Benefits from investing with UKV PLC; source wine for collecting, investing and everyday drinking.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is A Top Compensation Attorney

In an article that was published in the Madison County Courier, an overview was given for people who are looking for a lawyer to handle a variety of legal issues including Landlord-tenant issues, child custody, and criminal cases. The articles outline a new method in which residents of New York can find proper legal council. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service online information portal was launched by the New York Bar Association in order to help resident find the right lawyer 24 hours a day. There is also a telephone service available for individuals that prefer to use that method. The service helps match people with the right legal services to help alleviate some of the stress of their situation. This tool also helps lawyer offer scaled low-cost services to people that need it. It is a way for New York lawyers to assist clients all over the world. Anyone interested in using the service can submit a questionnaire, which is then reviewed by the staff and match it to an attorney that fits the criteria. One such attorney listed in the database is Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer at the firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His firm specializes in dealing with compensation committees and compensation management teams. They are there to help with all types of corporate governance issues and in the form of major events and situations that require sensitivity. Jeremy Goldstein is a prolific attorney with a vast amount of experience handling some of the most memorable transactions in recent corporate history. Jeremy Goldstein is also the Chairman of the Amercian Bar Association’s Business Section. He handles the Mergers & Acquisition subcommittee and is considered a top attorney in his field. He was mentioned in the Chambers USA Guide to American’s Leading Lawyers for Business and The Legal 500.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the advisory board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. He also has professional relationships with a variety of other non-profit organization such as the Make A Wish Foundation. He is a member of their New Leadership Council. He is one of the top lawyers in the country and also has a broad range of professional skills and aptitudes.

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Marc Sparks Newest Philanthropy Project

Marc Sparks has had much success in his career. He’s the perfect poster boy for what an entrepreneur is. He’s been a serial entrepreneur since graduating high school. He’s been a part of dozens of startups, most in Austin, Texas. Like most experienced entrepreneurs, Sparks knows how up and down an entrepreneur’s career can.

Mr. Sparks has never been one to shy away from his failures. As any real entrepreneur would know, not every business and brand will turn out successful. Sparks has had more than his fair share of disastrous attempts. He didn’t become the man he is today by taking the easy way. Throughout his 34-year career, he’s learned what can make or break any idea.

Over the past few years, Sparks has found great pleasure in helping small organizations that support his community. Along with a friend, Lynne Sipiora, he created Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a philanthropic arm that awards grants and mentoring to any qualifying small non-profit organization in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. The process works via submitted application and proposal. If the organization wins, the initial grant will award that organization with $5,000 to help fund their cause.

Recently, Mommies in Need was the second winner of the Spark Tank grant. Sparks and the entire Spark Tank team were overjoyed to announce that Mommies in Need won the grant. Mommies in Need provides qualified nannies to families in need of childcare support. Usually, the families are struggling with a health emergency of some kind and can’t afford to hire help on their own.

Mommies in Need provides nannies and specialty caretakers at no cost to the families. After winning the Spark Tank grant, the organization immediately began looking for a bilingual nanny and one with special needs childcare training. They’ve also begun promoting job openings for anyone qualified and wanting to help families in need.

As for what kind of organizations can apply for the grant, Spark Tank does have criteria. The applicants have to be a 501c3 organization that has been operational for at least 2 years. The organization has to be a non-profit that’s helping communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

If an organization meets those criteria, they are then given 10 minutes to present their case to the Spark Tank panel. After explaining why and what they would like to use the money for, the Spark Tank panel then has an additional 10 minutes to ask the presenters questions. After hearing all the proposals allotted within a certain time frame, the panel makes decides which organization’s cause will have the most meaningful results.


Capturing the Essence of NYC with George Street Photo and Video Services

Looking to create wedding pictures that people will be talking about for years to come? The team at George Street Photo and Video NYC Services has been doing just that for years, and they know what it takes to turn your dreams of a NYC wedding into a reality.

This city has some of the most iconic backdrops in the world, so whether you want to be shot in Central Park, or on Broadway, these photographers will use the city to make your pictures truly memorable.

Imagine the look in your guests’ eyes when they get to see the married couple riding off into the sunset in a horse-drawn carriage or one of the many yellow cabs that are a staple of NYC. Now you can use the city as your own setting for some of the most incredible wedding pictures you be fortunate to be a part of this year.

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George Soros Calls for Private Sector Support for Refugees

George Soros, billionaire investor recently pledged an investment of up to $500 million in programs that are benefiting migrants and refugees that are fleeing war-torn nations. Soros’ Open Society Foundation will be in charge of handling the funds. The money will be invested in startup companies, established companies, social programs and businesses started by migrants and refugees. The goal is to produce goods and services that benefit migrants. Soros hopes that other people will follow his lead, and make large contributions to refugee causes. Read more about George at The New York Times.

It is estimated that 65 million people were displaced from their homes in 2015, and more in 2016. Most of the refugees came from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. There has been a political debate over where the Rex cheese might be settled. Soros contribution will go to Margaret and refugee -related programs which include community centers in Greece, and will provide legal advice to Syrian refugees.

Refugees are in need of employment opportunities, housing, education and legal representation. As the refugees from Syria continue to flow, more help will be needed in the future. Soros believes much of this help should come from the private sector. The present refugee crisis in the EU is not working well to resettle refugees.

Countries are shirking their obligations under the European asylum system, by building resistance to incoming refugees seeking asylum. Currently France and Austria are enforcing passport controls at their borders. Hungary is building a fence along its border with Serbia to refugees out. Learn more about his profile at

Soros claims that the EU needs to work together to find a solution to the immigrant problem. If they do not he feels that the EU may come apart at the seams. If the countries will work together however he believes that their model could serve as an international cooperation model for refugee protection and resettlement. He believes that Europe should allow refugees to apply for asylum from their homelands. People with skills needed in Europe like doctors, nurses and technology experts would not have their skills wasted, sitting in refugee camps. George Soros is dedicated to helping resolve the refugee problem throughout the EU.

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Securus Technologies Leads The Way

There are a number of companies that are providing safety solutions through technology to State authorities. But I always hear that Securus Technologies is the name that is always on top of mind for everyone. There are many reasons behind this.



Basically, I know Securus Technologies as an innovative company. They never rest on their laurels. They are always looking at new and innovative ways to make their products and services more relevant.



The clients of Securus Technologies are prison and jail officials. I have seen Securus Technologies receiving hundreds of thousands of formal letters as well as emails where these clients talk about how these products have helped them to solve cases. Besides, this way there are reduced cases of infighting among inmates too. Hence the jail has become a safer place. These products help to keep inmates safe, their families safe and even the parolees. This way the community has become safer for all.



There are lots of accolades coming in for Securus Technologies from their clients. They talk about how they are using it for solving cases. The jail officials are recording conversations between inmates where they talk about money coming in. Or else there is the conversation about even a gun being sneaked in. Next, there are conversations about inmates consuming alcohol or doing drugs. Once this information reaches the jail officials, these things can be stopped before occurring.



In fact, a lot of corrupt officials have also been arrested this way. Jail officials are making use of the covert feature provided by Securus Technologies. This helps them to know about the date, place and time of contraband arrival. This is highly helpful in nabbing the staff red-handed.



With so many benefits, I am not surprised that Securus Technologies is on the top of everyone’s mind while referring to security issues.

EOS Lip Balm Continues to Thrive in the Beauty Industry

A few years ago, buying lip balm was not fun. It meant that you scan supermarkets or drug shops for a small cylinder of Chapstick. The flavors were not appealing as there were just a few. The original one was tasteless making it feel clinical, and if you didn’t want this, you could only go for the mint or cherry flavor.

Seven years ago, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) stormed into the lip balm market with their pastel-colored orbs of lip balm. They were first sold at Walgreens, and later on, they go to Walmart and target. Now they are in almost all stores. Beauty editors at Allure and the Cosmos were amazed by the great features of the lip balm. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christian Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus have been spotted pulling out the lip balm from their makeup kits. EOS lip balm emerged as the second best seller of lip balm in the United State.

Sanjiv Mehra, a managing partner and co-founder at EOS, believes that it is important that their clients know about their business and the values they stand for. Mehra met with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, and together they thought of how they could spice up the beauty industry in the drug store. The three decided to venture into the lip balm industry as it seemed promising. Most of the producers in the lip balm industry were lazy, and that was a perfect opportunity. Dubitsky had left the team before EOS was launched.

The producers at that time treated lip balms like a unisex commodity. However, after preliminary research, EOS founders found out that the product was mostly used by women as part of their beauty product.

Mehra and Jonathan used their money to start up the firm. They brought an artist who designed several shapes, and they chose a unique model that was not in the market. They came up with a product that interacts with all the five senses. Lip balms from EOS are manufactured with organic ingredients.

Their main target was the millennials. The product is advertised on social media, magazines, and television. The efforts of Mehra and Jonathan are paying off very well. In only seven years, the company is doing very well, selling more than one million lip balms in a week which is more than they sold in their first year.

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