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The Three Pillars of Success with Richard Blair

Other than just looking out for himself, Richard Blair has developed a reputation for looking out for his clients and their interests. For this reason, clients refer to him as an important and resourceful person that is fun to work with. This coupled with the many years of experience and many certifications make him a suitable partner to work with. All these has contributed to the growth of Wealth Solutions that is under the direct control of Richard Blair.

Some of the certifications that he holds include RICP, CFS as well as CES and CES. His company mainly specializes in investment advisory and is based in Austin, Texas. Another good thing that the clients of this firm love is that it functions as a registered investment advisory firm.

According to Blair, success in the financial industry is not just a matter of luck. He believes that success comes from good planning and having stable financial goals. It’s worth noting that Blair has specialized in retirement planning and wealth management services. According to Blair’s company, there are three steps that can be followed to reach the financial goals or to have a good retirement plan. The plan by wealth solution is implemented in three pillars.

The first pillar specializes in helping the client to develop a good financial roadmap. What a financial roadmap means is that the company helps the client to figure the growth opportunities, strengths as well as the risk tolerance and the goals of the roadmap. The company manages to succeed in this pillar by first understanding the difficulties facing a client and understanding their dreams.

Richard and his firm achieve the second pillar by developing a long-term strategy that will help the client meet his goals and needs. This pillar also involves determining the maximum performance that can be realized from a customer’s portfolio. According to Manta, this is also the stage where Richaord Blair Wealth Solutions manages to reduce the impacts that would occur in the case of a negative thing concerning the client’s investment. The last pillar by Wealth Solution involves finding an insurance cover for the clients’ investments. Insurance needs mean life insurance, annuities as well as the long-term care.

Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Finance. When studying in this institution, Richard Blair specialized Finance and Finance Management Services. He established the Wealth Solution in 2012 and had a net revenue of $ three to five million. The company has an employee base of more than 10 people.

Eric Pulier Achievements and Career

Eric Pulier is known to many as a successful businessman who has accomplished a lot in his career. He is also a philanthropist who has helped to raise funds for several noble causes in the society. Eric Pulier is also an author, public speaker, technologist, and columnist.

Pulier was born in New Jersey. He, however, relocated and settled in Los Angeles after completing his education. The successful businessman has started several businesses and organizations, and they have all done very well. Here are some of them:

People Doing Things

Eric Pulier founded People Doing Things when he was very young. The company was meant to address the social issues in the technology industry. The skills he acquired that the Harvard University to develop a technology that would be beneficial to the disadvantaged, disabled and those who were lost. The institution played a crucial role in helping the disabled individuals in the society to get their rights. The agency opened opportunities for the disadvantaged persons in the community too.

Digital Evolution

Digital Evolutions is an interactive marketing agency that was founded by Eric Pulier. The institution was established in the year 1994 before many people had an opportunity to acquire an email address. The young entrepreneur saw that the future looked bright for the use of technology, and he decided to use innovative ways to make marketing better and efficient. The company did very well, and it was very popular, especially among the elite individuals in the United States.

Starbright World

Eric Pulier partnered with several persons in the United States to start Starbright World, a special network that connects young people with terminal diseases. The social platform has helped many children share about their experiences and challenges with people who are going through similar problems. Before the creation of the unique platform, these kids were alone in their world, and they could not share their feelings and thoughts with anyone. Star Bright has brought a smile to the lives of these young people. The platform has received a lot of support from prominent individuals in the country. Apart from being successful in business, Eric Pulier has authored several books, and they are doing well in the market.

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Investor Malini Saba Gives Hope To Low-Income Women Globally

As one of the top investors globally, Sri Lankan born Malini Saba has found much success over the course of her career. One of her proudest achievements, however, is rooted in her philanthropic efforts to empower low-income women worldwide. “Stree: Global Investments In Women” was founded by Malini in 2001, and aims to provides women in need with medical and legal advice as well as business opportunities. Additionally, the program offers safe living spaces and educational opportunities to children worldwide.


Perhaps the motivation to launch such a generous program is rooted in Malini’s own personal experiences. At age 19, Malini moved from Malaysia to the US with only $200 in her pocket, and soon she and her husband found themselves living in near-poverty while pursuing their education.


Highly motivated to change her circumstances, Malini was soon dazzled by the world of finance and began attending free lectures at Stanford University on investment and business. She also started showing up at events in which investment bankers were in attendance. It was during this time that she gained a wealth of knowledge which would make her the successful businesswoman she is today.


In the 1990s, Malini found herself in Silcon Valley, working as a venture capitalist. Notably, she has invested in successful companies such as Paypal and Sycamore Networks. However, Malini was longing to use her success to give back to the world.


Eventually Malini received her Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and in 2001 she entered the world of philanthropy with much compassion and enthusiasm. It was in this year that she founded Stree, which has since become a highly successful global charity. Supported by former president Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor, Stree has provided incredible amounts of opportunities to women internationally for 15 years. In 2016, Stree donated $5,000 in scholarships to women in Ghana and gave $373,000 to Ecuadorian earthquake victims.


In addition to Stree, Malini has donated to many other causes over the years. In 2004, she pledged $10 million to Tsunami victims of India and Sri Lanka. Also, Malini contributed $1 million to heart research for South Asian people in 2005.


What to Expect from 2020’s Most Innovative Film Experience

Lovaganza invites guests to “embark on a Bohemian adventure” in 2020 when it will bring to life a global celebration of art and culture. The festival, which will take place at locations across the earth, over the course of four months, will feature cutting-edge entertainment technology. One of the main attractions will be the Lovaganza Convoy, a three-part film trilogy that was shot simultaneously in locations around the world. The films will debut under Lovaganza’s “Grand Chapiteau” at eight locations around the world. Anticipation is building for this highly coordinated theatrical experience, which will explore the diversity and cultural depth in the world around us.

The Convoy is due to be released on June 3rd, 2020. The trilogy is based on a fictional convoy and traveling show who claim they have found the secret to happiness. The convoy is lead by a young priest on a motorcycle. According to the official Lovaganza site, in Part 1 the biker is recruited by a secret organization to fight a dark movement. Then, in part 2, there is more good vs. evil, as the priest and a child search for keys that will open the gates to a new world. The final part of the trilogy the convoy battles the “Invisible Hand” in the last and biggest challenge. Featuring heavy symbolism, beautiful imagery, and the film expertise of Time Warner, there is no doubt that the Convoy is going to draw the attention of major crowds in 2020. Film aficionados on will be thrilled to find that the trilogy will be shot in both 65mm and 35mm, which are rarely used in this digital age.

While there is a long wait ahead before Lovaganza, it is understandable that a festival of this proportion needs time for preparation. Other exciting entertainment to expect on the big date, includes an Immerscope, a final hands-across-the-world collaboration, and the main show which will feature art from around the world. The Immerscope brings back yet another cinematography experience from the past. Festival goers will be able to watch films on 180-degree screens that make the viewing experience all the more real. Like many of Lovaganza’s attractions, the Immerscope shows the creators’ appreciation for innovations past and present.

The global celebration will be a fun and worthwhile experience for many, but also brings to light the plight faced by people around the world. Part of Lovaganza’s mission is to create awareness and bring forth a positive minded human rights movement that promotes diversity and peace. While the plot for the Convoy may feature an elaborate and exaggerated attempt to save “humanity,” we see where Lovaganza is going with this. So often, war and divisions are created by misunderstandings or unaccepted differences. However, by shining the light on a shared global identity, Lovaganza is seeking to destroy misconceptions and heighten acceptance. There main goal: to achieve a universal quality of life for every child by 2035, and it sounds like they are going to enjoy themselves while doing it! Source:

The Linking Of Technology and Fashion

I recently read an article that really got me to thinking about how the world has changed in my lifetime. The article gave a great example of how this change has taken place. It also showed how this change, in fact, links two industries. It was published on September 22, 2016 and was written by Chris Burch ( The title of the article is; “Tech Fashion Trends For The Future.”

The example of change that the article gave was the evolution of portable music. When I was a kid, we had boom boxes. They were big, heavy, and took a lot of batteries. As technology progressed so did the portable music devices. Smaller devices, such as Walkmans and then iPods, soon became more fashionable.

The article also talked about how fashion designers are using technology in other areas also. Some are using recycled materials, such as old rubber tires, to make into various types of clothing. Other designers are using technology to design better, and more fashionable safety devices. One type of these devices discussed was a new type of gloves for firemen.

Chris Burch is the author of this article and many others. In fact, he is probably one of the few people who are experts in the technology and fashion industries combined. He has been an investor and entrepreneur in the technology, fashion, and real estate industries since the late 1970s. In fact, he started his first business while he was still attending college.

In 2008, he founded the business entity, J. Christopher Capital LLC. It was later renamed the company, Burch Creative Capitals. The company is located in New York City and Mr. Burch is the current CEO. The company is an investment capital company that invests in new companies. Majority of the companies launched by Burch Creative Capitals offer merchandise such as home decor, clothing, and organic food products. Over fifty companies have been launched since the inception of Burch Creative Capitals. Some of these companies have included Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Ellen DeGeneres’ new company ED.

It is really interesting to see the link between technology and fashion. People are more likely to use products they feel are fashionable as well as technologically advanced. This is especially good when the products are safety items, such as bicycle helmets. It will be really interesting to see what Chris Burch and the various companies he helps comes out with next.

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Kabbalah: Simplicity of life

The Kabbalah Centre, in Los Angeles, California, is an non-profit organization that teaches courses on Zohar and Kabalistic ideas. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that teaches about life. The word means “to receive” The wisdom teaches how to gain fulfillment in our lives. It teaches that all branches of our lives are developed from the same trunk or root. Many believers of Kabbalah like the wisdom because it can apply to anyone, regardless of current religion, background, race, or gender. One main aspect of Kabalistic views is that anything we do in life should have results we can feel in our bodies and hearts.

The ideals of Kabbalah Centre began around five thousand years ago when a set of principles was communicated to humanity through a single moment of divine revelation. Believers are taught that these revelations unlock all of life’s mysteries. The Zohar is this powerful set of tools handed down to mankind. The chaos of life can be avoided simply by practicing the ideas of Kabbalah. Believers are able to understand what chaos is, and how to avoid it. Chaos should not be a part of life. Another aspect of Kabbalah that many enjoy is the simplicity and understanding it brings to life. Unlike many religions or wisdoms, believers of Kabbalah are taught to live a simple, easy, life, free of chaos and stress.

Many people wonder how ideas from five thousand years ago can have any relevance to man today. But humans will always have the same problems, more of less. Five thousand years ago, people did not want to buy into a growth  religion, people still had chaos in their lives, and people still wanted a way to learn how the universe works. This is how Kabbalah has survived. In fact, today, millions of men and women around the world religion practice the simple ways of Kabbalah.

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FreedomPop Is The Best Cheap Cell Phone Service

FreedomPop is the best cheap cell phone service in the world because they go from free to something that hardly costs anything at all. There are a lot of people like me who are trying to use these phones because they cost so much less. There are many people who will use these phones to save money, and someone who wants to be sure that they can save money will do so pretty well. You might not need to get a cheaper phone, and you should make sure that you have figured out how you will get these phones through a FreedomPop review.

The phones that you are using are going to be much better for you when they cost less money, and someone who wants to be sure that they can get phones for the whole family. The phones for the whole family will be free or very cheap, and that makes it much simpler for the person who is trying to buy them. I use them myself because I had to save some money, and I started seeing them giving me all the savings I needed while I started using wifi to be sure that I could track my data.

Someone who wants to be sure that they can get a cheaper cell phone should be sure they are using FreedomPop. I use FreedomPop because I know it will be cheaper than any other company on the planet, and I know that I can get these phones for the whole family for the same price. The price of the cell phone determines how many I can get, and the graduated plan will make it much easier for me to pay the bill. The bill comes across every month, and it provides me with the cash I need to invest in other things.

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I Want You To Know All About Securus

I want you to know all about Securus because it has been so helpful for me and my family. We have been using it for a while because it is the best video calling system in the world. It has been made to help people talk to their friends and loved ones in jails, and it uses video technology to help all these people talk to the ones they love. I use it to talk to a friend, and I know that other people use it to talk to family members.


There are a lot of reasons why Securus is the best in the industry, but the most important part of this is that it makes conversations feel real. I have used it enough to know that it is just like sitting across from someone, and it prevents people from having to go to the jails. I cannot get to the jail my friend is at because it is so far away, and I am now in a position where I know for a fact that I can get in touch with him. I am trying to find him a new lawyer, and it is easy to explain on Securus what is going on with that.


I think that anyone should use Securus just because it is such a helpful program for people. They get to talk without any worries at all, and they get to use it in a way that works for them over all other things. It works with video, and it is nice to know I can pull it up on my phone. I have been very happy with it, and I have been showing people that it works any time they ask. I know they will appreciate and enjoy Securus because it helps them see their loved ones.

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50 Fastest Growing Companies in Austin, Texas Revealed

Status Labs, the premier digital reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm, has been honored as one of the fastest growing companies in Austin, Texas.

The standing was awarded by the Austin Business Journal for the company’s 1,099% growth for the three year period of 2012 and 2015. As part of the requirements for the ABJ annual Fast 50 list, companies must have encountered impressive profits during the past three years.

Status Labs president and chief executive Darius Fisher commented in a statement how privileged the company is to be distinguished as one of Austin’s 50 fastest growing companies. He also stated the recognition emphasizes the company’s efforts to reinforce and fortify its digital operations.

According to Fisher, the company has brought together an extremely talented team and its accomplishments would not be possible without their dedication and enthusiasm.

Status Labs offers communications strategies and media relations as well as assists clients, that include Fortune 500 companies and global public and political figures, in connecting with their viewers with compelling subject matter.

The company’s influence can be realized in industries that include real estate, technology, health care among others.

Earlier this year, Status Labs was named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2016. The company works with more than 1500 clients in 40 countries.

Also joining Status Labs on the list of fastest growing companies are local Austin businesses Clear Measures Inc., Sabre Commercial, Freedom Solar Power among others.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by the Austin Business Journal on October 27.

The complete list of fastest growing companies is available at

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Finding Trustworthy Investment Advice

Anyone involved in the investment game has one goal — to see the best return on their money. In order to achieve this goal, they seek the advice of professionals. When seeking out advice, it is more common than not to get bad investment advice. There are many reasons for this and many of those reasons have to do with people, those “professionals”, working towards their own goals and bottom lines. For those who truly have good intentions when it comes to investments and advice, watching others who do not can be a very hard thing to do.

There are even self-claimed experts out there who claim they are able to choose the best stocks. These people many have a good track record but the stocks and investments game is too hard to predict. It changes so often and there are so many variables in play that it is comparable to predicting the future.

Laidlaw & Company Ltd. is an investment firm that is located in both the United States and the U.K. They have been in the investment game since 1842. The company has grown and changed since then but their focus has always been in investments.

Laidlaw has found itself in some legal trouble starting in 2015. It started with a business dispute with another company. The dispute was based on many customer complaints, some fines and also some penalties that were placed on the company. Because of this, the U.S. District court placed a restraining order on Matthew Eitner, CEO of Laidlaw, and James Ahern, Managing Partner. The restraining order was for “continuing to disseminate false and misleading proxy materials.”

Even a company with a track record as long as Laidlaw & Company can find themselves in legal trouble for giving out false information. The best advice would be to do your own research on the professional help and your investments. By doing so you can make the best choices for yourself.